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Get salon quality nails in minutes with our Nail Wraps! Application is quick and easy - Peel, Stick & File, and your nails are ready to go!

- No heat needed and No dry time
- Medical-grade self-adhesive gentle to the nails
- Non-toxic, Made of 100% Real Nail Polish
- Lasts up to 2 weeks
- Top Coat is not needed, but recommended for longer lasting finish. We recommend GLAZE Top Coat from LUNA Nail Wraps
-Instruction card included with every purchase

How to Apply Nail Wraps?

1.Wash your hands to remove any grease before application
2.Push back cuticles & Prep your nails with alcohol pad.
3. Start at pinky, and work toward thumb. Select a nail wrap that best fit your nail. If you're between size, size down.
4. Remove clear cover on wrap & gently peel wrap from its backing.
5. Apply wrap to nail, and gently stretch to fit. If wrap is on cuticles/skin, gently peel it off and reapply.
6.Crease the wrap over the tip of your nail, and file off excess by filing in a downward motion.
7.Apply top coat for longer lasting finish. We recommend GLAZE Top Coat from our shop. It does not melt your nail wraps but gives them an ultra shine finish!
8. To remove the nail wraps, simply peel them off after a hot shower, or remove them with nail polish remover. Use alcohol pad to remove glue residue.